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Comprehensive examination by staff physician Evaluation of medical history and records Set personal Goals Development of individualized pain management plan Assessment guidelines for continuum of care Thorough Explanation of appropriate medications All in one office visit.

Areas of Treatment

Pain Management                       Shoulder Pain Anxiety                                   Knee Pain Auto Accidents                             Arthritis Work-Related Accidents             Fibromyaligia
Headaches & Migraines             Diet Control
Neck & Back Pain                        Loss of Appetite
Weight Loss                              Emotional Distress Depression                                   Family Problems and more



 Meet with the physician and other pain management professionals Evaluation of individualized pain management plan Review of personal goals and quality of life enhancements including work activities /  requirements and social interactions and relationships Continuum of pharmacological protocol Required follow-up every 28 days

It is at North Dade Wellness Center that you will be seen by a physician with over 40 years of medical experience. A flight Surgeon in the Unites States Navy, recognized in his community for outstanding medical service and compassion and has practiced at several leading hospitals on Miam Beach, Florida. When we say you are in good hands at the North Dade Wellness Center, it isn't just talk , it's a fact!

North Dade Wellness Center focuses on helping people manage their pain from sureger or other injuries, diet and other medical problems.  Our aim is to treat what ails you  be it pain and bring it down to a manageable level or if possible eliminae that pain completely or other medical conditions.
  At North Dade Wellness Center we concentrate on the "WHOLE PERSON", not just the pain.  We take into consideration the following:
Your Age                                                                                             If you had surgery, was it successful
Your type of work                                                                             Your present mental outlook about the pain
The Injury                                                                                           Your present physical condition , weight and diet    injured yourself                                                                                               How  Do you / can you exercise, even lightly?
What you have tried to reduce the pain                                      What treatments in the past you have tried


At North Dade Wellness Center, " You Have Nothing To Lose But The Pain"

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