It was said that PAIN lets you know that you are alive. There are many levels of pain, some are minor and then again some are very major. Pain can be classified in several levels:

  • Minor:        sore muscle, a pain from stubbing your toe, or a bee sting.......
  • Moderate: breaking a bone, a sprained ankle or perhaps getting hit by a baseball....
  • Major:        Pain from a heart attack, a Migraine Headache, Withdrawing from Drugs..

No matter what type of pain you have, we can agree on one thing, it limits you in what you are doing... work, travel, play, etc:

We at North Dade Wellness Center are here to help you feel better and address the causes of your pain.

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North Dade Wellness Center focuses on helping people manage their pain from surgery or other injuries, dies and other medical problems.  Our aim is to treat what ails you be it pain and bring it down to a manageable level or if possible eliminate that pain completely or other medical conditions.We are here to help you  and work towards helping you feel better.

Depending on the nature of you injury or medical condition, we have a number of techniques that are available to hel. This is what separates us from other doctor's offices & walk in clinics in Florida.


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                 Causes of Pain:

  • Anger  (relating to not being able to control the pain.
  • Sleeplessness, due to pain when you lie down.
  • Depression, (why you can't get rid of the pain )
  • Over eating
  • Loss of Ambition (you don't feel like trying anything due to the pain it may cause).
  • Anxiety (fear of not being able to function at work due to the pain
  • and much, much more.