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 North Dade Wellness Center LLC. is an independent center and is NOT ASSOCIATED with any other "Pain
Clinics, Drug Centers
, or Pill MIlls" and adheres to the strict guide lines of the D.E. A. , all Federal Laws and Laws of the State of Florida governing Wellness Centers.  At N.D.W.C. we concentrate on the "Whole Person" not just on the pain. We take into consideration the following :

                   CAUSES OF PAIN

  • Anger (relating to not being able to control pain.
  • Sleeplessness, due to pain when you lie down
  • Depression (why you can't get rid of the pain)
  • Over Eating
  • Loss of Ambition (you don't feel like trying anything due to the pain it might cause)
  • Anxiety (fear of not being able to function at work due to the pain.
  • and much, much more..


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                       WE'RE TO HELP

North Dade Wellness Center focuses on helping people
manage their pain from surgery or other injuries,diets and other medical problems. Our aim is to treat what ails you be it pain and bring it down to a manageable level or if possible eliminate it altogether or other medical conditions. We are here to help you and work towards your feeling better.

  Depending on the nature of your injury or medical condition we have a number of techniques that are available to help. This is what separates us from other doctors offices and walk in clinics in Florida.


 Call us today for an appointment
Quick Tips For An Easy Visit
You must be at least  28 years of age to see on of our physicians.
You must provide a Florida State ID or Drivers License.
Provide documentation showing area of pain (MRI, CT or Pet Scan)
Pharmacy print-out of current medications is neccessary (if available).

  • Your Age                                          How  you were injured                   Present mental outlook about the pain
  • Your type of work                          Do you/Can you exercise?              What treatments have you tried in the past.
  • Present physical condition           The "Injury"                                       What have you tried to reduce the pain.

North Dade Wellness Center LLC

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      Clinic Hours:    Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm

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305-940-4114- (fax) 305-705-2280 - www.northdadewellnesscenterllc.com

Welcome to North Dade Wellness Center llc where we provide specialized treatment for pain, anxiety, depression & weight loss. We make it easy for patients to manage their ailments with flexible hours and easy to find location. We accept cash and credit cards and have an incentive program for you to participate in as well.

You have chosen to come to NDWC and it is here that we will try, with your cooperation and hard work, to help you get back to the person that you want to be. Honesty & Determination are the two Keys to success and together we will try to bring back that person you would like to be!